The Rise of Web Based Interviews: Convenient and Efficient

by Adanlawo Opeyemi
3 minutes read

Today’s rapidly transforming digital landscape is dramatically altering traditional job interviews. Thanks to technology, face-to-face interviews are expanding into web based interviews; this article explores what a web based interview entails and its advantages.

What Is a Web Based Interview?

A web based or virtual interview, often known as “virtual,” is a job interview conducted online using video conferencing software like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, or Skype. Instead of meeting their interviewer directly, they interact through one of these web platforms – instead leveraging technology’s ability to bring applicants and employers together remotely while bypassing geographical limitations.

Convenience and Flexibility Web-based interviews offer many advantages, particularly their convenience for candidates. They no longer have to spend their time and resources traveling to an interview location – instead, they can interview from the comfort of their own homes, saving both time and money in transportation costs. This flexibility can also benefit individuals living outside their employer’s region, with global job opportunities, without incurring costly travel costs.

How Long Is Web Based Interview Good For

The Rise of Web Based Interviews: Convenient and Efficient

Web-Based Interviews Are Time-Saving Web-based interviews can be more efficient than traditional face-to-face interviews in terms of time efficiency. Employers can conduct multiple back-to-back interviews without breaks between meetings; this streamlines evaluation processes for candidates and overall hiring timelines – benefiting both employers and applicants.

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Expanded Talent Pool Web-based interviews have revolutionized the hiring process by expanding employers’ talent pools. Instead of being limited to local candidates alone, organizations can now consider applications from around the globe, increasing the chances of finding an ideal candidate and encouraging diversity and inclusion by opening opportunities up for candidates who may have previously faced geographical or logistical barriers to employment.

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Enhance Assessment Tools Web-based interviews provide employers with access to various assessment tools that can streamline the hiring process. Tools like screen sharing, document collaboration, and whiteboarding allow candidates to showcase their technical abilities or previous work directly during interviews. Furthermore, employers can record interviews for later review, providing an accurate evaluation. Employers can record these conversations to provide fair evaluations of every candidate. These tools allow a more comprehensive assessment of applicant abilities resulting in informed hiring decisions.

Preparation and Performance Web-based interviews require candidates to adapt to a different form of interaction than traditional ones. Candidates should familiarize themselves with video conferencing software to ensure a glitch-free experience, pay attention to background, lighting, and internet connection, and practice mock interviews before and research common web-based interview questions for an optimal experience. Practicing mock interviews, as well as researching common web-based interview questions, may significantly increase performance levels.


Web-based interviews have become an efficient solution to today’s job market. Candidates can interview from anywhere, saving time and energy; employers find them useful as an interview management solution, broadening talent pools and offering advanced assessment tools. With technology advancing quickly, web-based interviews may become even more prominent as an interview method – taking part can benefit job seekers and employers as we use this digital transformation to connect talent more easily and evaluate it accurately.

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