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University of People Brief description:

The Education Revolution is the University of People. It is the first non-profit, tuition-free, American accredited online University. UoPeople provides the opportunity to obtain a valuable American degree through an innovative online learning model. It also has instructors who are some of the most respected academic volunteers in the world.

University of the People

University of People

The University offers associate and bachelor’s degrees in business administration, computer science and health sciences. It also has an MBA program. In addition, the University of the People (UoPeople) and the International Baccalaureate (IB) recently launched an online Master of Education (M.Ed.) that is tuition-free. 
Hosting Institution(s):
UoPeople was established in 2009 and received accreditation in 2014. To accept students, the University has partnered up with Yale ISP Law School and New York University. In addition, it has gained widespread support from top academics from well-respected universities all over the globe. The President’s Council includes presidents, chancellors and vice-chancellors of universities like NYU, Oxford and UC Berkeley, Columbia University and Vassar University.
Study areas:
UoPeople offers bachelor and associate degree programs in computer science, business administration, and health science. It also provides an MBA program and a Master of Education (M.Ed.) program. You can find out more.
Target group:
Students come from all parts of the globe. The University currently has students from more than 200 countries and territories.
Scholarship value/inclusions
The assessment fee is only required after each course. It can be $120 for undergraduate students and $240 for graduate students. Sixty dollars is required for applicants.
The University offers many scholarships for students who may find these small fees prohibitive. Below are some examples of scholarships:
Simone Biles Legacy Scholarship Fund is open to all students. Priority is given to those who were in foster care.
Emergency Refugee Assistance Scholarship Fund for refugees and asylum seekers
Foundation Hoffmann Scholarship Open to All Students
UoPeople Scholarship Open to All Students
For all scholarships available, click
UoPeople is open to students who have completed high school and have internet access. They also have enough English skills to be able to study at the University.
Instructions for application:
Admission is made in five terms each year. The next deadline for admission is October 21st 2021. Early applications are accepted until September 30th 2021. Terms that start on November 11th 2021, will be considered. All interested applicants are encouraged to apply now.
Visit the official website for more information about how to apply and general information about the University.
Deadline: 30 Sept/21 Oct 2021 (annual)
Study in:  any Country (online)
Next term starts 11 Nov 2021
Official Scholarship Website: https://www.uopeople.edu
UoPeople Full Scholarships List of all available scholarships: http://www.uopeople.edu/tuition-free/our-scholarships/

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