Study Masters in London for International Students In 2022

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It is no secret that studying in the UK for a Master’s degree is popular among people all over the world. The UK has a proud tradition of academic excellence and is renowned for its universities. So where is the best school to Study Masters in London for International Students? Continue reading to find out.

The UK’s famous universities, vibrant cities, and beautiful countryside draw international postgraduates. With nearly 490,000. International students annually, the United Kingdom is second only to the USA in popularity as a study-abroad destination.

A degree in London (United Kingdom) is an exceptional opportunity to receive the highest quality higher education in any field you can imagine. The unrivaled multicultural British education environment includes top-ranking international universities, modern facilities, experienced teachers, and the most recent research. You will find everything you need for your professional and personal growth when you study abroad in London. This article will list the best universities in London to study masters in London for international students.

What is a Masters degree?

An undergraduate degree is required to qualify for a postgraduate or master’s program in the UK. These programs last one year, compared with two-year Master’s programs elsewhere in the world. International students will be able to save time and money and start their careers much faster with a highly-regarded UK postgraduate degree.

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Why Studying a Masters Degree in The Uk Is a Good Idea?

Some of the most prestigious universities in the UK are renowned for their high-quality teaching and research. Employers are highly esteeming a UK postgraduate degree. This is why international students studying in the UK have the opportunity to improve their English and be part of a diverse and vibrant community of students and academics. This is what you will find:

  • Your career prospects will improve
  • Earn an internationally recognized qualification
  • Because a UK master is heavier than you, you can earn more throughout your career.
  • You can organize your study around your schedule.

The Higher Education Statistics Agency found that 86% of Postgraduate Master’s students in the UK were employed full-time after graduation, compared with 75% of undergraduates. So let’s know the cheap universities to study masters in London for international students.

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Cheap Universities to Study Masters in London for International Students

Study Masters in London for International Students

Below are the cheapest universities to study masters in London for international students in 2022/2023:

1. Coventry University London Campus

Average annual tuition fee: £12,800

Firstly on our list of the cheapest universities to study masters in London for international students is the Coventry university London campus. The ‘University of Year Award’ was given to Coventry University. All students are guaranteed an internship, and the University prepares them for global work environments. Guest lectures are given by industry professionals and are held regularly at the University. The University’s London campus adopts a flexible, dynamic approach to modules.

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2. London Metropolitan University

Average annual tuition fee: £12,500

The University has two campuses. One campus is in London’s City of London, and the other is in Islington. Recently, the University’s Moorgate Business School was furnished with 1 million. The University promises to increase students’ networking opportunities to improve their career skills.

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3. University of Law

Average annual tuition fee:  £10,500

The University of Law is one of Britain’s oldest institutions that offers law practice training. There are 9 locations across England. For students with no relevant background in Law but who wish to be a registered solicitor or barrister in the UK, it also offers a Graduate Diploma in Law (GDL) course. Students who wish to move faster can also take the 2-year fast-track LLB degree.

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4. University of West London

Average annual tuition fee: £10,000

Guardian University League Table voted this University the best modern University. You will have the opportunity to participate in university activities and enjoy all life offers as a student. Students will receive all the academic and practical knowledge necessary to succeed in their chosen careers.

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5. Ulster University London Campus

Average annual tuition fee: £10,000

Ulster University London Campus is located in the heart of London providing four business-related courses including:

  • BSc Hons Business Studies
  • BSc Hons Accounting and Management
  • MSc International Business
  • MSc Marketing

Pursuing a degree course in the UK involves careful financial planning. UK is renowned globally for its prestigious universities and high academic standards. With an International degree on your CV, you can impress your potential employers globally and widen your future prospects.

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6. GSM London

Average annual tuition fee:  £10,000

GSM London confers degrees in partnership with Plymouth University. GSM London offers students industry-led business programs. The University’s unique curriculum focuses on its students’ employability and professional skills. The University is flexible and can accommodate every student’s needs. Students who enroll in the academic year are eligible for a 50% scholarship.

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7. BPP University

Average annual tuition fee: £9,500

Lastly on our list of the cheapest universities to study masters in London for international students is the BPP University. The University uses a commercial approach to prepare students for a business career. The University bridges the gap between education, professional practice and business with its innovative modules. This University is ideal for those who want to work in business, finance or accounting, as well as nursing, psychology, and healthcare.

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