Po Bronson’s ‘What Should I Do With My Life?’

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Po Bronson’s ‘What Should I Do With My Life?’ A philosophical book rooted in real-life experiences, Po Bronson’s book is unique. But it’s not ideal for all people. This is how scholarshipworld’  thought of it, and her top learnings.

The book by Po Bronson “What Do I Want to do with My Life? is a collection of stories from people who have changed careers around the world, interspersed with a reflection of the author’s personal career transition.
Bronson thinks that work can give an individual a sense of purpose. He explains how the wrong job can create destruction on your mental health and tells a wide variety of stories from people from different backgrounds (from the field of healthcare to space aviation to forest management). He expertly documents the associated difficulties, lessons, and outcomes.

What Should I Do With My Life

What Should I Do With My Life

We can see how Heidi Olson’s professional career was driven by her being one of the media trends at that time. Following a long and varied career that included high-level positions in investment banking and the art world and internationally-based development, Heidi got a new job in what is arguably the most talked-about film of the decade. She was sought out to help rebuild Cantor Fitzgerald after many of its employees were killed during the terrorist attacks at the World Trade Center in 2001.
What Should I Do with my Life? Reinforces the idea that there’s no ideal way to switch careers. As we age in our lives, the more aware we become that we’re all creating it as we make it. It’s okay. Bronson argues that it’s just as important to find work that we enjoy that gives us satisfaction and self-awareness of the work as a whole.
If you’re unhappy with your current position and thinking about the possibility of a change in your career, this book will provide you with plenty of ideas for consideration about the next steps. If you’re looking for a step by step guide to changing careers, you should be aware: Career Change for Dummies isn’t! This book is more for those with an intellectual bent than for people looking for practical guidance because it asks numerous questions that it addresses.
What this book doesn’t have is the “feel-good factor. The journey towards a fulfilling job can be a bit rocky; however, it can also be fun and filled with excitement which isn’t the case here in any way.
It’s definitely worth the effort to deal with. Everything from dealing with a salary cut to dealing with your parents’ disappointments is covered and makes this book a great resource for anyone looking to or at the beginning phases of a career shift.

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Our Top Takeaways

  • Suppose you believe that changing careers isn’t something you can really do consider reconsidering your thinking! Based on more than the course of 900 interviews with those who have made career changes, the book provides evidence of the reality that changing careers is possible and even achievable. But, there’s one caveat: while it is certainly feasible, don’t count on changing your professions to be a walk through the woods. Actually, “It’s not easy. It’s not meant to be simple. The majority of people fail to learn from their mistakes. The majority of people must learn the most difficult lessons several times .”
  • Vocations are underrated. “Finding your calling is not ‘the answer.’ Callings are vehicles that help us let our real selves out.”Don’t be discouraged if you’re stuck in the job you dislike but aren’t sure of what you’d like to be doing or if you’ve switched professions but aren’t finding your passion since the work does not matter in the end. It’s about being honest with yourself. If you go with your heart, you’ll find peace within you, regardless of your role in life.
  • Dreamy jobs, as with every other thing in life, may not be as glamorous as they appear to be. Even the jobs that we’re most suited for that best fit our ideal vision of the professional world are likely to have aspects we must contend with. If you’re able to face it from the beginning and open with yourself regarding what you are able to and can’t make compromises on the job, you’ll have more of a smooth journey. However, keep in mind that the bumps are factors that test your grit and ultimately help you become stronger and a more satisfied person. Accept them!
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