Open Evidence Project 2010 to 2021

by Adanlawo Opeyemi
4 minutes read

Open Evidence Project

These files are freely available for everyone to download from the summer debate camps. These files are available for free to anyone. These files can be used to help students, debaters, and others learn about the topic. Join the NDCA if you enjoy this resource. The NDCA’s modest membership fees provide financial support to enable us to keep this resource available to the community.

Earlier years are also available:

2010-2011 Military and/or Police Presence

2011-2012 Space

2012-2013 Transportation Infrastructure

2013-2014 Cuba/Mexico/Venezuela

2014-2015 Oceans

2015-2016 Domestic Surveillance

2016-2017 China

2017-2018 Education

2018-2019 Immigration

2019-2020 Arms Sales

2020-2021 Criminal Justice Reform

Looking for a previous year’s Open Ev Project?
2020 Open Ev Project or Download All 2020 Files
2019 Open Ev Project or Download All 2019 Files
2018 Open Ev Project or Download All 2018 Files
2017 Open Ev Project or Download All 2017 Files
2016 Open Ev Project or Download All 2016 Files
2015 Open Ev Project or Download All 2015 Files
2014 Open Ev Project or Download All 2014 Files
2013 Open Ev Project or Download All 2013 Files
You can find the current Open Evidence Project here.

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Open Evidence Reviews

These open reviews aim to make it easy for people to access summaries of evidence regarding particular aspects of COVID-19.
Regular and systematic searches are made for studies. We evaluate the quality of these studies and the implications. The Oxford Research Archive will index the review findings.
We will be making policy recommendations as we move along. We recommend that you don’t rely on one study to interpret the summaries. To provide a better understanding of the themes and highlight key messages, we group the exposures.

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