Best 20 List of trades for females, 2021

by Adanlawo Opeyemi
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 list of trades for females with which they can get involved in. The world is constantly changing. As the world evolves, so does it… Traditional professions The expectations and work environment also change.
Trades and gender roles are no more. Any type of trade can be undertaken by any human being, regardless of gender.
This article will discuss the complete List of Female Trades in 2021. This will help you make informed decisions about the trades you want to take up.

What is the most popular job for a female?

As indicated by AOL.com, the Leading Occupations of Employed Women are;

  • Administrative assistants and secretaries.
  • Registered nurses.
  • Teachers in elementary and middle schools.
  • Cashiers.
  • Home health aides, nursing, psychiatric and home care.
  • Retail salespeople.
  • Managers/supervisors in the first line of retail sales employees
  • Waiters and waitresses

Which trades make the best money?

Some of the known trades with a sordid income base include:

  • Web Developer.
  • Dental Hygienist.
  • Welder.
  • Carpenter.
  • A licensed practical nurse.
  • Plumber.
  • Electrician.

What are the various trades available for females in 2021

There are generally two types of trades available for males and women in 32021.

  • Woodwork (Carpentering).
  • Carpet installation
  • Installation of electricity (electrician).
  • Heavy equipment operating
  • Insulation installation
  • Landscaping
  • Painting
  • Plumbing

What are the most lucrative trade jobs?

According to Indeed.com, the top-paying trade jobs on the market, from the lowest to the highest salary include;

  • Practical nurse. Average hourly salary in the United States: $25.18
  • HVAC technician. Average national salary: $23.25 an hour
  • Home inspector.
  • Plumber.
  • Electrician.
  • Landscape designer.
  • Boilermaker.
  • The respiratory therapist.

Trade careers for women and girls

Since the Second World War Women have always been valued employees in the workforce since women took over the work of men.
While there is a common misconception that skilled work is only for men, this is not true. Employers seek highly skilled workers who are knowledgeable and capable to fill these positions.
There is a great need for skilled workers. Opportunities for women These areas are open to women who want to work in them. The increase in women working in this trade will help to close the gap in the workforce.
Jobs In the trade Women also have the opportunity to find meaningful work at high wages. Competent trade careers can make a woman earn between 20 and 30% more. We highlight some of these trades that offer great career opportunities for females.

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Is Trade Career suitable for women?

Strong women in the United States America supports their families, but there is still gender inequality at work. The US Bureau of Labor reports that women earn only 80.2% of the wages of men in the workplace. United States.
What does this mean for women’s income and jobs? To earn the same income, a woman must work an average of four months more each year than a man for the same job.
This inequality exists in nearly all industries, but in retail trade the gap is much smaller – women take home about 94% of what their male counterparts do.
As Cultures and attitudes change Companies are increasingly looking for gender diversity. Women who pursue unconventional careers may be able to secure jobs and reach success more quickly.
Women make up a large portion of the labor force in the country, which is largely composed of graduates of universities. Women have a lot of talent and organizations can benefit from having more women in senior management.
Companies that use Women in senior management Companies with a single or fewer female director or board member perform better than those that have none or a few.
In 2018, however, women accounted for only 25% of Fortune 500 company’s executive positions. Only 6.6 percent of Fortune 500 company CEOs were female in 2019. These are some trade careers that females could be interested in.

1.Construction Technology

The Contemporary construction sector is an exciting, growing sector. It is the most popular trade that females can get involved in. Those who are interested in entering the trade will see a shift toward greener building practices, and better use of materials. Construction workers can benefit from construction worker training in current techniques. This trade offers great opportunities and job prospects for women who want to get involved.

2.Construction Management

For women who wish to climb the ladder in this world building Technology, the Construction Management program prepares them to enter the construction sector as an entry-level worker. They also receive training in building management, building inspection, and building management.

3.Electrical Technician

Here’s another list of female trades.
The Electrical Technician job offers women the opportunity to become an apprentice electrician. To become an Electrical Technician, it is a competitive job. Electrical engineer Employers want you to have the necessary skills.
It is a popular job in the List of Trades for Females.

4.Architect or Civil Drafter

Another thriving trade in the list of females is this. You could use your creative and technical skills to draw and map the main construction projects such as roads, bridges and buildings. This field has a $56,700 average annual salary. You can expect to make a good living.

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You could start a career that will allow you to work in electronic manufacturing. Your role could include everything from testing and repair to design and development. An example of a high-paying job for women is electrical engineering. The average annual salary is $101,600.

6.Industrial Designer

WomenTradespeople can make use of their commercial, artistic, and technical skills as industrial design professionals. Designing designs for nearly any manufactured product is possible, including toys, furniture and automobiles.
You can expect to be compensated well for your work with an average salary of $71,430.

6.Mechanical Engineer

You can expect to work in engineering that focuses on energy production. For their contributions to the development and design of machines like engines, generators and turbines, mechanical engineers make an average annual salary of $92,800.
It is one of the new work included in the List of Trades for Females.

7.Solar Energy Technician

This trade involves the conversion of sunlight’s rays to electricity. It requires knowledge in how to repair, install and maintain solar energy systems. The average annual salary in this field is $46,010 but it is expected that there will be more opportunities for growth as demand for solar energy grows. This is a great venture for women.

8.Wind Energy Technician

Females and males can learn to use the equipment that captures wind and turns it into energy. You can expect to make a good living helping create clean, renewable energy. The average annual salary of wind power technicians in the United States is $58,000.

8.Graphic Designer

Companies can use women to communicate their messages via print and electronic media. Graphic designers can design advertisements, brochures and web pages. You will likely earn a decent salary considering that the average annual salary in this field is $54,680.

9.Multimedia Artist

This involves creating animation, art and special effects for movies and TV. This occupation is a great way to use your artistic and technical skills in a job that’s among the most highly paid for women. The average annual salary is $78,230.

10.Video Game Designer

You can make a mark in the gaming industry through your experience in game development and fine-tuning skills in level development, coding and graphics creation. Expect to be rewarded for what you know and love in this high-paying job for women. The average annual salary of game designers is $90,000.

11.Computer Programmer

Learn computer languages to be able to create computer programs. You would likely be responsible for writing code and testing programs.
You can expect to get a good salary for all your hard work with an average annual salary of $89 580

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12.Database Administrator

As a database administrator, you can protect confidential and sensitive data within an organization. It not only ensures the integrity of data but also makes sure that data is accessible and organized for those who have permission to view it.
You can learn how to set up, configure, update and protect data to earn an average annual salary of $92,030.

13.Developer of Applications Software

You can choose a career that offers 31 percent job growth and an annual average salary of $108,080. This makes it one of our best-paid jobs for females, as reflected in our List Of Trades for Females. Software developers play many important roles.
However, those who create mobile apps for Android, iOS and other portable devices enjoy fulfilling careers. CNN Money named the mobile app developer as the most rewarding job in America.
For a career that is expected to grow by 15%, you can train as a web developer. You can achieve success by learning how to code, create scripts and develop user interfaces.
Website developers get a high remuneration. The average annual salary is $755,580.

14.Oil and Gas Workers

In accessing the List of Trades for Females, Women has also taken advantage of the many opportunities that the oil and gas sector offers by training to become a worker, engineer, repairman, technician or one of the countless other professionals who need to get oil and gas from the ground.
You can expect to earn an average annual wage of between $40,220 and $156,370 depending on what activity you pursue.

15.Aircraft mechanic

You can embark on a career where you will maintain aircraft for the safety of passengers and others on the ground below. This is one of my favorite trades and jobs. Average annual salary for aircraft mechanics is $65,230

16.Elevator Repairers and Installers

Here’s another list of female trades.
Elevator maintenance involves moving stairs, boardwalks, and chairlifts. Elevator repairers and installers find and fix problems that can cause an elevator to stop working.
They are also responsible for the maintenance and testing of equipment. They are able to perform these tasks because they have a good understanding of basic math and blueprints.
Elevator repairers and installers also maintain service and maintenance records to ensure that elevators comply with safety regulations and building codes. According to the BLS, their median annual salary was $76,650 in 2012.

17.Sheet Metal Worker

Sheet metal workers are responsible for duct systems, roofing, sidings, and outdoor signs. They measure, mark and lay sheet metal using provided templates and sketches. Sometimes they complete fabrication in shops, or at construction sites.
To complete their work efficiently, sheet metal workers use computer-controlled tools like shears, saws, and presses. They typically learn their skill through apprenticeship programs offered by businesses and unions.
Apprenticeship is another option for this trade, which can be completed by females and men in 2021.


It’s not about making a difference in your life, but also shaping your future. You are also opening the door to the next.Ambitionate womenBehind you, those who want to follow your lead.
Our List of Jobs for Females in 2021 can help young women see that tradition doesn’t have to be broken. They can pursue their passions no matter what it might seem.

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