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This scholarship is for you if you are interested in pursuing a medical degree. You can achieve your goals with an AMBOSS scholarship, a reward for excellence.

Global Education Fund will provide $2 million worth of AMBOSS access packages with access to Qbank, Analysis, Library, and Analysis features to students who urgently need resource support or have long-standing financial barriers that prevent them from pursuing medical education. We will be talking in detail about AMBOSS scholarships.

About The AMBOSS Scholarship

AMBOSS is one of the medical schools that offer full scholarships for international students to empower future physicians regardless of their financial background. We strongly believe that all should access the most critical medical information. Through the AMBOSS Access Scholarship Program, we support medical professionals and students by providing resources.

The Global Education Fund was established to address the global challenges that our community faced during the COVID-19 outbreak. It is an ongoing effort to provide students with high-quality medical information, empower them to continue their training, and serve their communities with the best care.

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What Does an Amboss Access Scholarship Cover?

The AMBOSS scholarship includes the following

  • AMBOSS Access Scholarships cover a substantial portion of the AMBOSS package costs.
  • Scholarships granted may be eligible to be extended as we assess the situation later in the year. However, extensions are not guaranteed.

How Are AMBOSS Scholarships Decisions Made?

Amboss Scholarship

Each scholarship application for any medical schools scholarships for international student is different. Our team does its best to give scholarships equitably, fairly, and compassionately. We want everyone to have access to AMBOSS.

Our goal is to improve global health and provide equitable medical and healthcare knowledge access. We also support applicants from low-income countries or who have access to essential healthcare in areas of the world that are less resourceful. We encourage doctors and students from low-income countries to apply for an accessibility scholarship.

Anyone needing additional resources or who cannot afford AMBOSS can apply. However, we cannot grant every request and may give preference based on financial need. All submissions will be considered individually and granted for as long as funds are available from the Global Education Fund.

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Eligibility for AMBOSS Access Scholarship

First, you must create a free trial account with AMBOSS before applying for a this scholarship to study medicine in usa for international students. Our team will process your application once you have verified and created your account.

A scholarship is available to any student or physician enrolled at a medical university.

Please note that if your AMBOSS access package expires before September 30, you can apply for a Scholarship for an extension of your access. However, we ask that you stand by us and remember that the AMBOSS Scholarship is for students who are unable or unable to purchase AMBOSS at the moment or in the future because of financial difficulties, especially those related to long-standing financial obstacles.

How to Apply

  • We ask that you fill out a form to apply for a scholarship, Click HERE
  • Let them know why you are applying for an AMBOSS Access Scholarship.
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Please note, they have a limited number of full and partial medical school scholarships available.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What should I do if I did not receive confirmation emails after I submitted my application?

Check your spam folder to make sure that it hasn’t landed there. Try checking your inbox for the date you sent your application and the email address scholarships@amboss.com – if you still cannot find your email, please write to us, and we can check the status.

Please don’t submit the same application more than once before you try to troubleshoot. This can make it challenging to track down the status.

2. Will I receive a refund?

No refunds can be given for past purchases.

3. When can I expect to hear from you? Do you allow me to access your site immediately?

We expect to receive many applications, so please give us some time to review and process each one before we respond. We will respond within two weeks of your submission. If possible, we will try to reply sooner. Keep an eye on your email for any follow-up questions or personal interview requests. This may be possible to determine eligibility.

4. Are there any obligations for me once I get the scholarship?

Nope. Our primary priority is to support you. We are grateful for your trust in us!

5. What do I need to do to become a student? I’m a physician and need to have access.

Yes, we support physician who have demonstrated the need for a scholarship. We want each doctor to have the most current and accurate information about diagnoses, treatments, and other pertinent matters, especially during these difficult times.

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