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Oxford University is a great place to study if you are looking to study in the UK. Not only is it a great university to apply to, but the acceptance rate is also worth a lot of thought. You should be able to understand the University of Oxford Acceptance Rate in 2021.
This will allow you to make an informed decision regarding University of Oxford admissions and the processes.
This article will provide information on the Oxford University acceptance rates, Oxford undergraduate acceptance rates, Oxford law acceptance rates, and other requirements.
Oxford University, an Oxford research university, is located in Oxford, England. Although there is no date of its founding, evidence suggests that it was taught from 1096. This makes it the oldest English-speaking University and the second oldest University worldwide. It is also active.
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Oxford University

Oxford University, also known as Oxford University, is an English research university. Although there is no date of its founding, evidence suggests that it was taught in 1096. This makes it the oldest English-speaking University and the second oldest University worldwide. It is active all the time.
It grew quickly after Henry II banned English students from visiting Paris in 1167. Some scholars fled the northeast to Cambridge after conflicts between Oxford students and Oxford citizens in 1209. They founded the University of Cambridge. Both “old universities” are sometimes referred to as “Oxbridge”.
The University is made up of many institutions, including 38 constituent colleges and several university departments. These are organized into four departments. All colleges are independent institutions within the University. Each college has its own structure and activities and controls its members.
More than 30 universities and halls are part of the University of Oxford, which offers students a supportive and safe environment right from the beginning.
Oxford is known for its excellent courses and intense competition for students. They receive an average of 20,000 applications each year for around 3,250 seats.

What is  Oxford University Acceptance Rate

An extremely general Google search revealed that Oxford has an acceptance rate 17.5%, while Cambridge is 21%.
Remember that Oxbridge does not have the same minimum requirements as American universities. If you do not meet these requirements, your request for admission will be rejected. You can only apply to Oxford and Cambridge, not both, unlike the US. Many students who apply to US colleges are not qualified and actively promote them. It is not possible to request more than five universities in the United Kingdom. In the United States, however, there are no restrictions on the number of schools you can apply to.

What is the University of Oxford Undergraduate Acceptance rate?

Below is a table that shows the breakdown of undergraduate acceptance rates:

Applications Offers Students admitted
2018 21,515 3,840 3,309
2017 19,938 3,771 3,270
2016 19,144 3,751 3,262
2015 18,377 3,663 3,216
2014 17,484 3,565 3,161

What is Oxford University Acceptance rate for Law?

Wikipedia says that The Faculty of Law, Oxford is the University of Oxford’s law school has over 800 years of history of writing and teaching law. The University’s unique approach to teaching is personalized tutorials. Faculty fellows teach students in small groups of one-to-three each week. This method of instruction is used in both its undergraduate and graduate programs. It also has the largest English-speaking Law doctoral program. The Oxford Social Sciences Division houses the faculty.
With an acceptance rate of around 8.8%, Oxford’s law school ranks among the top law schools worldwide. According to the Times Higher Education World University Rankings, it is currently ranked number one in the world.

What is the University of Oxford Business School Acceptance rate?

The acceptance rate is not set in stone, but we will use the class size as an example.
This class is a mixture of diverse perspectives, expertise and a willingness to exchange ideas and concepts.


Class size (2019-20).




Students from abroad



5 years

Average work experience


Median GMAT

What is the University of Oxford Graduation Rate

The University of Oxford offers two types of graduate programs: taught and research. Under academic supervision, students participate in research programs and meet regularly. The supervisors will provide guidance on the project, the nature and methods of data collection, as well as the expected standards.
Students often take courses in research skills and a variety of lectures as part of their research degree. Teaching programs typically include a variety of core and optional courses, as well as the submission of a dissertation.
Evaluations can be done for coursework as well as exams and dissertations. Seminars and conferences are supported during the study. All conditional and unconditional offers made by faculties or academic departments are included in the offer numbers.
8,887 applications (34.3%) were submitted for graduate research degrees.
17.057 applications (65.7%) were submitted for graduate-level teaching degrees.

What is the University of Oxford PhD Acceptance Rate

Although there is no specific number for University of Oxford PhD acceptance rates, you can see the details above to determine how many students the school accepts for the program.

What is the University of Oxford International Acceptance rate?

Oxford is one of the most internationally oriented universities in the world. One-third of Oxford’s students today, 17% of undergraduates, come from more than 150 countries. International students are welcome to apply at Oxford.
In 2016, applicants to Cambridge had a 26% chance to get in, while Oxford applicants only had a 17% chance.

What is the University of Oxford US Acceptance Rate?

Although it is hard for all, it seems to be slightly more difficult for Americans. The average admission rate for Oxford is 16%, while it is less than 9% for Americans. About half of the average.
If I had to make an educated guess, it would say that Oxford is seeking “narrow and deeply” academics, while American high schools are pursuing a much wider (but not necessarily more superficial) curriculum.

What International Students Should Expect

It is difficult for international students to understand what they need to do to be eligible for University of oxford admission. All applicants must meet the requirements of the course to be eligible for the University of Oxford’s offer to them.
While A-levels are the most common way for students to apply to Oxford, we accept many other qualifications from the UK or abroad. International students who wish to apply to Oxford must have at least one of these qualifications.
Students who are interested in the University of Oxford admission must meet specific subject requirements for some courses, particularly in the sciences, so please check the requirements for your course.
If your qualification is not accepted, you will need to continue studying if you want to apply. Any of the listed qualifications that are acceptable can be taken along with our accepted UK qualifications.
If your country is not listed, it means that the school-leaving qualifications you have from that country don’t meet Oxford admissions requirements. Oxford continually reviews the qualifications it accepts so they can advise you.
This process can take as long as a year. Students, especially mature students, might have qualifications that are no more available or where the grading system has changed. We can help you if this is the case.


Oxford University is the best school for you if your goal is to study in the UK. Knowing the University of Oxford acceptance rates will help you determine your chances of being accepted to the school before you apply.
This article provides detailed information on the University of Oxford acceptance rates for undergraduates, graduate students, and international students. Take the time to read carefully and then apply.

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